Meet the Premier

Predictive Solution. 

The automated data forecasting solution developed by Acclaimed Labs removes cost, bias and human scheduling barriers. 


Our technology is used to model business, financial and economic data in high speed automation. 


Signals in your Data.

Plan Smarter. Reduce Risk. Optimize the efficient distribution of your assets and resources further in advance.

Our technology delivers intuitive forecasts that reveal critical insights into patterns, trends, and potential risks in your data.

  • Easy to use create investment grade forecasts in minutes using your data. 

  • Heavy Lifting allow our technology to easily generate thousands of forecasts. 

  • Cutting Edge No programming needed.

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The founders of Acclaimed Labs assembled a talented statistics team to construct a fully automated, high performance statistical modeling engine. Today we own and operate the premier predictive solution for forward looking organizations seeking financial technology (Fintech). 

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